Remote Learning Transition Program

The Remote learning Transition Program (RLTP) that was set up for families at the beginning of this year. Families wanted to have a program that would allow them to stay attached to their home school as opposed to our longer-term, district level, Distance Learning program. The RLTP was designed to be short term and to help families transition to other learning options. 

As we come to a natural break in the school year and work to wind down the RLTP we are working hard to ensure that there are learning options for every family.  

Our Principals and Vice Principals are reaching out to families to gather information on which learning option they would like to choose (in class, blended, or DL), or if they feel that the current offerings do not suit their needs.  

We are looking to redesign the RLTP program into a long-term program that will be sustainable for the district and offer exceptional learning opportunities for students.  

We know that a majority of the families in this program want a Distance Learning type option and we want to ensure that the learning options we offer are personalized to needs of the students.  

We are still carefully monitoring what is happening around the province and are constantly assessing our programs and what they deliver to and looking at learning options that will best serve our communities.